How to log in to your account the first time

When logging in to your account for the first time you can either log in to the MyHealth mobile app or member website. Choose the one below that suits your needs.

Note: If you enrolled in the Health Savings Account (HSA) on your own, not through your employer’s benefit program, just log in using the “Username” and “Password” you created during the application process.

MyHealth mobile app

Download the MyHealth BofA mobile app. Then select "New User? Set up your account" at the bottom of the login page and follow the on-screen instructions.

This image shows the MyHealth BofA mobile app login page.


If you enrolled in your account through your employer's benefit plan, there are two options for new users depending upon whether your employer provided you with an enrollment code or not.

This image shows the desktop view of the member website login page. The page shows the option to log in as an existing user, and the option to use the new user portal where you can create a new account or enter a code given to you.

Did your employer provide an enrollment code?

YES - Select the “I have a code” link in the New Users section, and follow the on screen instructions to complete your registration.

NO - Select “Get Started” in the New Users section, and follow the on screen instructions.