Set up your investment profile It’s easy to set up your investment profile and choose your funds. Even if you recently enrolled in an HSA and haven’t reached the $1,000 minimum yet, you can still define your investment threshold amount and select your investment elections now. Plus, you can change your investment elections at any time. Just set it and you’re ready to go! Before you set up your investment profile, here are some terms you need to know: Not sure how much to set as your threshold? Here are suggestions to help determine how much to set. Note: No matter what amount you choose, be sure to keep enough funds in your cash account to cover health care expenses for the near future and to cover any potential market downturns, since market fluctuations could lower your investment balance. The HSA for Life ® Save it. Use it. Never lose it. ® 17 16 Investing your HSA funds Keep Going. Keep Growing. One way to potentially maximize your HSA is to take advantage of the investment feature. When your HSA balance reaches $1,000, you’re eligible to start investing any portion of the balance above this level in select mutual funds. Investing in mutual funds can help maximize your tax-free¹ earning potential and help you with your long-term savings goals. See how choosing to save an additional $2,000 annually in your investment account can really add up! Investing in securities involves risks, and there is always the potential of losing money when you invest in securities. Mutual Fund investment offerings for the Bank of America HSA are made available by Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (“MLPF&S”), a registered broker-dealer, Member SIPC and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation (“BofA Corp.”). Investments in mutual funds are held in an omnibus account at MLPF&S in the name of Bank of America, N.A. (“BANA”), for the benefit of all HSA account owners. Recommendations as to HSA investment menu options are provided to BANA by the Chief Investment Office (“CIO”), Global Wealth & Investment Management (“GWIM”), a division of BofA Corp. The CIO, which provides investment strategies, due diligence, portfolio construction guidance and wealth management solutions for GWIM clients, is part of the Investment Solutions Group (ISG) of GWIM. When selecting investment funds for your HSA, you’ll want to take into consideration your overall portfolio strategy in other longer-term investments such as a 401(k) plan or IRA to ensure you are aligned with your financial goals and priorities. $ 248,084 $ 84,997 $ 98,016 $ 51,924 $ 25,483 $ 20,304 10 Years 25 Years 40 Years Investments (Assumes 5% return) Cash (Assumes 0.30% return) “Threshold” The dollar amount you select to always remain in your Cash Account. This amount must be at least $1,000. Any funds $100 or more over your threshold will be transferred into your Investment Account and invested per your instructions. Any time your cash balance falls $100 or more below your threshold, funds will automatically be liquidated pro-rata, and the proceeds will be transferred from your Investment Account. “Transfer” Funds are automatically bought/sold and transferred to/from your Investment Account to maintain the balance in your Cash Account. This feature keeps you from having to constantly monitor your account and move money manually. Note: Investment BUY transfers are purchased based on the investment elections you establish. Investment SELL transfers are sold from each mutual fund balance on a pro-rata basis. Realignment does not ensure profit or protect against loss. The annual deductible for your health insurance plan. Estimated amount of money that you plan to pay out of pocket this year. $1,000, the minimum threshold amount required to invest. Investment Account Cash Account Threshold ($1,000 minimum) Transfer ($100 minimum) Automatic This chart is intended for hypothetical illustration only, and is not intended to be representative of the past and future performance of any particular investment.