Link your bank account to get reimbursed faster

Get reimbursed faster for qualified health and benefit expenses you pay out of pocket when you link your personal bank account to your health and benefit account. If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA), linking your accounts is also a convenient way to make contributions to your account. You can link your bank account on either the member website or the MyHealth app.

Member Website

To link your accounts from the member website, start on the homepage and follow the steps below. You will need your bank account and routing numbers, which can be found at the bottom of your bank checks.

1. Add your bank account

  • Select “Accounts” > “Profile” > “Banking/Card” > “Add Bank Account.”
  • Fill in the required information.
  • After submitting the information requested, a pop-up screen will appear and explain the micro-deposit process, a security step required to make sure your account information is correct.
  • Within the next 1 to 3 business days, the micro-deposit amount will be processed. If we have your email on file, you’ll receive an activation notice. If not, you’ll need to check your bank account to confirm the micro-deposit amount.

2. Activate your bank account

  • Once the micro-deposit is confirmed, go to “Tasks” on the homepage. You’ll see the message “one or more bank accounts require activation.”
  • Choose “Activation” > enter the micro-deposit amount > “Submit.”

MyHealth app

To link your accounts on the MyHealth App, from the homepage follow the instructions below.

1. Add your bank account

  • Click “Profile” and then select “Manage Bank Accounts.”
  • Select “Add Bank Account.”
  • Enter the information requested.
  • Select “Next.”
  • Read the instructions about verifying your bank account in the next 1-3 days.

2. Activate your bank account (within 1-3 business days after adding bank account)

  • View the Task section of your My Health app and click “One or more bank accounts require activation.”
  • Enter the micro-deposit amount and click “Submit".
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions.