The top 5 ways to get the most from your HSA

  1. Understand it!

    Invest a little time in learning more about your HSA-eligible plan, your HSA benefits and eligible expenses. This FAQ can help.
  2. Max it!

    Try to max out your HSA. If you’re not able to contribute the maximum, save as much as you can. Your HSA money is always yours. You don’t lose your HSA if you get a new job or leave the workforce. So get started now!

  3. Grow it!

    You can use your HSA funds to cover current expenses, or, if you can avoid touching your HSA money for as long as possible, your HSA balance can keep GROWING year after year. Evaluate your options for paying your expenses, and try to pay with non-HSA money when you can to give your money the best chance for growth. Plus, there’s no deadline for using the money.

  4. Invest it!

    Use your HSA as an investment tool. You only need $1,000 to get started! Invest wisely, like you would with any investment account.

  5. Boost it!

    If you’re age 55+ you can make extra “catch-up” contributions of $1,000 per year. If your spouse is 55 or older, they can do the same if each of you has your own HSA account.

Here is one more smart idea
Track it. Keep your receipts. You can always reimburse yourself for earlier expenses as long as they were incurred after you first set up your HSA.