Investing FAQ

If you want to understand more about investing with an HSA, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Why should I invest the funds in my Health Savings Account?
When am I eligible to invest in my HSA?
How do I get started investing my HSA?
If I invest the money, can I still withdraw it for medical bills?
What are the mutual fund options and performance for each?
Are there fees associated with investing?
What is the difference between the Cash and Investment Accounts within my HSA?
What happens if my Cash Account balance falls below my set threshold?
Do I pay taxes on the interest I earn on my investments?
Is there a limit to the number of investment SELL transactions I can make per day?
What is auto-rebalance?
If I have a debit card purchase above the investment threshold amount, will a portion of my portfolio automatically be sold to cover that expense?
Since only the Cash Account can be used for payments, what do I do if I need money before the proceeds from the sale of investments have settled in my Cash Account?
Where can I get information about investing in my HSA?
How do I make a manual investment transfer?
Can a trade be cancelled after it is submitted?
What investment options are available in for my HSA?

1Minimum investment balance requirements are located on the member website.