Filing a Claim

When you want to either make a payment to a provider or reimburse yourself using funds in your health and benefit account(s), you will need to file a claim. You can file a claim with the MyHealth app, on the member website, and by mail or by fax.

MyHealth app

There are two ways to file a claim using the MyHealth app—through the Smart Scan feature when filing with an Explanation of Benefits (EOB), or by manually entering a claim and attaching a copy of the receipt.

Using Smart Scan

  1. Find the Smart Scan feature under My Accounts and click “Start Scanning.”
  2. Choose which type of EOB you’d like to submit—medical, dental, vision, laboratory or chiropractic.
    Note: If you’re not sure, you can click “What is an EOB?”
    Then select your specific insurance carrier from the list of available options.
  3. Use the camera on your phone to scan a photo of each page of your EOB. Once all pages have been scanned into the app, click “Next.” You also have the option to use your phone's camera to upload a saved file from your phone.

Before you submit your scanned EOB, you will see one of the following results:

  1. If some of your information cannot be read, you will be prompted to “enter missing data.”
  2. If your scan is not recognized, you can either click “Try Again” to re-scan your EOB, or select “Continue to Create Expense” to manually enter your EOB information.
  3. If your scan is successful, you can submit your expense.

Manually filing a claim

  1. Select "Send Payment" or "Reimburse Myself".
  2. Choose the account you want to use > enter the required claim details.
  3. Upload your receipt > review summary > click "Submit".

Note: When you use a receipt from the Receipt organizer, it will display with a green “Used” indicator at the top right.

Member website

  1. Select "Send Payment" or "Reimburse Myself" > choose the account you want to pay “From” > choose who to make a payment “To.”
    Note: When choosing “Someone Else,” you’ll be prompted to add or select a payee.
  2. Upload your receipt.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions > “Submit.”

Mail or fax

  1. Download the Reimbursement Request Form - Health & DCFSA from the member website: “Tools & Support” > “Account Support & Forms.”
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Fax or mail it to Bank of America.

Deadlines for filing claims

For details on filing deadlines, find your plan in the "Accounts" section on the homepage. Hover mouse over the information icon to the right of the plan name and a pop-up will appear showing you the key dates for your account.

Note: You cannot use your Health and Benefit Visa debit card for any prior year claims. They will need to be processed via the member website or mobile app. Learn more.

Tip: You can choose to receive text alerts on your claim status. On the member website: “Message Center” > “Update Notification Preferences.”